"I had the opportunity to receive Reflexology Treatments from JINHWA during a six week period while she was training in this field.  She was very professional in her approach, always informing me of many aspects of the procedure.  Her knowledge of how the different areas of the foot can impact various body parts was very thorough.  Jinhwa was very gentle and conscientious of my comfort at all times. 


I highly recommend Jinhwa and wish her well in her chosen career"


Nancy Jacquemain

"I discovered this treatment with the local run club, at an information night. I experienced my first reflexology treatment with Jinhwa this week. It was amazing! She was professional, informative and very knowledgable about the procedure. I would recommend Jinhwa to all my running/or work friends! I look forward to our next session, Jinhwa! Thank you again!"


"Jinhwa is a wonderful Reflexology practitioner. I wasn't sure what to expect, not having had Reflexology before, I was sort of worried it would be pretty 'woo-woo' but Jinhwa is fun and personable, and she explains what the work is really clearly. Her hands are strong and sure and I left each session feeling calm and refreshed. My back pain was greatly reduced in my work with Jinhwa, and the repetitive strain in my arms and shoulders from my regular sewing work was also reduced. I look forward to my next session!"


- Susan Kendal, textile artist

“I have known Jinhwa for several years but have just recently begun seeing her as a certified reflexologist. She has a calm professional manner and I have found her to be extremely thorough and methodical in her application of this therapy. I have a great deal of arthritis and my feet can be extremely inflamed and tender. Jinhwa is exceptionally attuned to this and is able to give treatment that is firm and therapeutic but never harsh. The benefits of this treatment are dramatic. The numbness and pain that I experience on a daily basis are relieved by the deep, systematic massage and strategic manipulation of Jinhwa’s expert touch. I find that this makes walking easier and standing less painful, and also improves my posture. It’s as if more parts of my feet are alive after a treatment with Jinhwa and I experience a deep sense of total relaxation. It is not an exaggeration to say that this form of therapy has made a significant improvement to my overall health. I have no reservations in highly recommending Jinhwa.”


Jill D.

"Jinhwa has been a great help in treating my headaches. Her skill, compassion, and caring nature put me at ease."
               Cathy W.

"Jinhwa is very knowledgeable and passionate about reflexology. She is highly skilled and makes you feel comfortable throughout the entire appointment. I had a great experience."

           Jenna H.



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