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Massage Therapy

Massage increases muscle flexibility and joint mobility and effectively decreases tension and stress levels. For individuals experiencing pathology or trauma, massage can break the pain pattern by increasing blood flow and circulation to the edematous, fibrosed, ischemic or painful tissue. For instance, manual lymph drainage (MLD) and light Swedish techniques are effective at increasing lymphatic flow as much as nine times the normal rate of flow.


Various massage techniques can be used depending on client's conditions. Stroking, rocking and kneading with lighter pressure may be used to relax the body and decrease stress. Fascial release, trigger point, friction, push and pull, pin and stretch and joint mobilization techniques can be applied to lengthen or break down tight (shortened) and stubborn tissues.

Massage therapy includes not only the manipulation of soft tissues, but also assessment, building a treatment plan and stretching and strengthening exercises as a selfcare. 

You may feel sore and tired after treatment. This is a normal, physical response to the inflammation as your body heals. Hydration is important and Epsom salt bath is usually helpful.

Services Offered

  • Swedish relaxation massage

  • Deep tissue therapeutic massage

  • Shoulder/Hip Joint mobilization

  • Soft Tissue/Joint manipulation through the range of motion

TMJ Dysfunction
Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
Thoracic Outlet Syndrome
Plantar Fasccitis
Postural Dysfunction

Repetitive stress injuries
Muscle spasms
Frozen shoulder
Back/neck/shoulder pain
Arm/leg pain
Headaches and migraines

Sport, work and motor vehicle injuries

Arthritis and inflammatory conditions
Circulatory and respiratory conditions
Post injury/post surgical rehabilitation
Pregnancy discomfort/breast pain
Wellness and prevention

Conditions Treated

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